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Six Indispensable Books for Healthy Living


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  • DustMoney
  • HealthyLivingSpaces
  • HowBuildHealthyHome
  • MoldMoney
  • Unplugged
  • WhatYourBUilderShouldKnow

 Healthy Living Spaces

  Create Homes, Offices, and Schools where: You Feel Great! Kids get better grades in School Businesses make more Money. Numerous studies have shown than being indoors affects our health and well-being. Mold, chemicals, and "mystery" toxins affect academic achievement in schools and productivity at work. Did you know: Bleach does not kill mold. Ozone type air-purifiers damage your lungs. Vinegar is the best anti-microbial in the world. Healthy Living Spaces is your guide to simple and effective ways to feel good indoors.

There are many things affecting our health. Fortunately, ninety-percent can be avoided by looking at the Top Ten Hazards Affecting Your Health. Learn how to: Prevent and eliminate mold Allergen-proof your home Get a good night's sleep Daniel Stih is a certified mold inspector, indoor environmental consultant and aerospace engineer. In this book, Healthy Living Spaces, he takes you on a journey to create a healthier living space, be it your home, office or school.
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Mold Money



  If you have mold in your home or office or think you have mold this book is for you.

You might think you can just spray mold with bleach. After that doesnít work you might call a professional, pay a lot of money and think the mold will be gone. Unfortunately, most consumers are getting ripped off. They pay too much, donít get what they pay for and the mold is still there. Mold Money explains how mold is supposed to be removed and how to make sure it is gone. Donít trust your mold remediator or mold inspector - Give them a copy of Mold Money.

Mold Money exposes industry secrets:

What mold remediators donít want you to know
Why some mold remediators are doing it wrong
When Insurance is to blame and how to make your insurance company pay for their mistakes. 
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Dust Money

  The greatest worry people who have mold remediation done is the fear they will never be able to get rid of all of the mold. Some think they may need to burn the house down and throw their stuff away. The book provides a solution to that problem. The author, Daniel Stih, is a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) and Certified Microbial Consultant (CMC) with over twenty years of experience and considered an expert on mold. Daniel knows how it feels. Mold was one of the things that made him sick and led him on a path from aerospace engineer to mold inspector. He's been interviewed on more than 100 radio and television shows.

If you're reading this you may be experiencing a stressful and difficult situation. This book will help alleviate that stress by giving you step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of mold for good. Presented in a clear and helpful way, without excessive industry technical jargon, this book is for those who to know how to clean their home and belongings after a mold remediation project is finished. The "Cleaning the House" chapter is worth every penny. Contains a special chapter on what you should know about the ERMI test.
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  Electricity and EMFs are facts of life. This book contains practical advice on how to reduce exposure. It de-mystifies what EMFs are, where they come from, how to measure them and what works to get rid of them. A few small changes can make a world of difference. Although it seems incredible an EMF can make someone sick, irritable or uncomfortable, some report amazing differences after getting rid of them.

This book explains:

How to choose the right meter
What the numbers mean, Whatís normal, When you should be concerned, How to get rid of fields, What types of shielding work the best.

It covers locating and getting rid of: Electric fields, Magnetic fields, Dirty electricity, High frequency fields (cell phones, WiFi, smart meters and so forth). Includes a script that can be read to an electrician to explain what you need so you can feel better and live in a healthy environment.
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How to Build a Healthy Home

  Building or Remodeling? If you want your home to be healthy, you need this book.

A lot of new houses are being built "green". Green does not mean healthy. Green means environmentally friendly and energy efficient building practices. Itís nice to think about the environment and reducing energy consumption, but what about creating a healthy environment for the people living in the building - you and your family. Your house should be the safest, healthiest place to be.

This book explains the difference between building green and building healthy. Starting with a brief history of green, it navigates the reader through the jungle of green building codes and product labels, explaining how to pick and choose the ones to create a healthy home. You will learn which products and materials to avoid and how to choose healthy:
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What Your Builder Should Know

  Are you building and want a new home that is healthy and mold-free? This book makes it simple. Each step of construction is covered and explains suggestions on materials to use, the common types of mistakes made, and proper construction.

Topics include mold, ventilation, and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs).

Each step includes a summary, Give This to Your Builder.

This book tells you when to inspect the builderís work and what to look for.

Donít leave it to chance that your builder will build a healthy home. Use this as your bible. Take it with you when you meet with an architect or builder the first time. Carry it when you visit the construction site to inspect the builder's work. Use it as a reference to show a builder what you want done.
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