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Create allergy-free homes, offices, and schools that feel great to live in.


Daniel Stih (pronounced sty)


Author, aerospace engineer, certified indoor environmental consultant, and expert mold inspector helps audiences create homes, offices and schools that feel good to be in.


Dan Stih is an indoor environment consultant who investigates homes, schools and offices to solve complaints and health problems related to being indoors.

He was previously an aerospace engineer and got started in this business after retiring as an engineer and taking up work as a handyman.

While working as a handyman he discovered some of his clients who were sick also had things wrong with the buildings they were living in. The buildings were responsible for their illness.

Many people who donít feel good indoors think they have mold. Danís experience has led him to discover that in many cases mold is not responsible.
His experience led him to discover a pattern. Most peopleís health and well-being can be improved by simple, inexpensive changes for 10 common, indoor health hazards. And those who are not sick can create healthier indoor environments that make us feel better, help children get better grades in school and office workers more productive.
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A Conversation with Dan
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    Story Ideas  
    Did you know some air purifiers are actually bad for your health?  
    Stih explains why and tells how to avoid them and what to look for when buying an air purifier.  
    Are ďGreenĒ buildings Healthy?  
    A lot of people are jumping on the band wagon, building green buildings. Many of these are worse for your health than conventionally built homes. Stih explains what it means to be green and what people can do to make their homes and offices green and healthy.


    Trouble in Paradise  
    Buying or selling a home? Thereís a good chance your dream home might have a toxic mold problem. Bleach doesnít kill mold. Donítí buy a money-pit. Stih tells us how to spot trouble before you buy or sell real-estate.  
    Are employees calling in sick? The office environment might be responsible.  
    Billions of dollars are lost in sick time and productivity each year from poor indoor air quality. Stih explains the simple, inexpensive fixes.  
    Is the environment at school affecting your childrenís grades?  
    It is. Stih explains what the common hazards affecting concentration and academic performance are, the simple ways to improve them and boost your childís grades. Itís not rocket science.  
    Got Power?  
    Simple wiring errors that electricians commonly make cause electro-magnetic fields to be higher indoors than those found under power lines. In terms everyone can understand, Stih explains how to know when this has happened and how to fix it.  
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