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   Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services  

Want a proven and time tested expert on
your side with the ability to guide you
through the tough times ahead
without making costly mistakes?


Call Mr. Stih (505) 603-8101 now.


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  • Best-selling author with appearances on over 100+ radio shows and numerous TV programs

  • Aerospace Engineer

  • Trained at the McCrone Institute in Chicago to identify mold spores via microscopy

  • Over a decade in the field doing mold inspections and remediations

  • Certified Microbial and Indoor Environmental Consultant*

Consulted by defense and plaintiff attorneys seeking litigation support in matters related to indoor air quality, mold contamination and remediation.
Expert witness in Federal and Magistrate courts.
Insurance companies have hired Stih for both defense and plaintiff work.
Did someone say, “Just spray it with bleach” or use a “mold-killer”? Review and critique of reports regarding appropriate industry standards for mold remediation, mold removal protocols, contents cleaning and how to effectively re-store a home or office building to pre-loss conditions.
Review and critique of third-party mold inspection and testing reports for validity of testing methods and proper laboratory SOP and accreditation.
Expert witness testimony regarding toxic mold, chemical exposure, air quality problems, odor complaints, electromagnetic fields (cell phone towers and power lines), carbon monoxide poisoning, natural and propane gas exposure, pesticides and other issues related to indoor environmental and indoor air quality.
Providing litigation support and expert witness services to law firms, insurance companies, industry, municipalities, developers, design firms, contractors, commercial businesses and residential clients.


Dan Stih

  Please call (505) 603-8101 to talk to Mr. Stih now.

Click here to request a fee schedule and CV

  *    Board-awarded by the American Council for Accredited Certification
**  Accredited by the Engineering Standards Board
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