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   New Construction, Home or Office  

 Consulting for Healthy Building Construction


Building a new home or office? Want to build one that is green and healthy?
(Not all thatís green is healthy. And not everything thatís healthy is green. Iíll explain...)

  Now is the time to call me. Many of these recommendations are easy to follow. Your builder can do it. But heís got to know NOW! It can be harder to implement these specifications after a house is built.  

Please call me:

Daniel Stih (505) 992-9904 now.


Click here to send an email requesting a fee schedule and CV

  • Iíll send you detailed specifications on how to build a healthy home or office.
  • I am a Best-selling author with appearances on over 100+ radio shows and numerous TV programs
  • An Aerospace Engineer
  • Certified Microbial and Indoor Environmental Consultant*
  • I have more than a decade of experience helping clients build healthy homes.

  Call for a free 15-minute phone consultation.  Iíll tell you about some success stories and how I can help you make your dream home the healthiest home you have ever lived in.  
    You will receive:  
Phone consulting
Site visits (travel expenses extra)
Detailed Specifications regarding:
  • Acceptable and unacceptable building materials

  • How to read Green product labels - How to tell whatís Healthy and whatís Hype

  • What to tell your builder - Building methods that prevent mold.

  • The truth about some types of insulation, house wraps, ďbreathableĒ and ďgreenĒ building materials. A list of those that are healthy, those that are not, and why.

  • In many cities itís now the building code to build houses air-tight. This saves money on heating bills but makes the air stuffy and unhealthy to breath. Learn how to design and install a ventilation system that will make you feel better when youíre in your home. This is simple and your builder can do it. But heís got to know it now. It can be harder to do after the house is built.



Dan Stih

  • How to make the spa, hot tub and pool chlorine-free. (No, Bromine is not the answer. Bromine is actually toxic and next to Chlorine in the chemical periodic table.)
  • Whatís in the Garage will end up in your house unless you read this
  • A list of healthy paints
  • Selecting kitchen cabinets and counter tops that are beautiful and healthy
  • Choosing healthy appliances
  • Water filtration - Itís not just the drinking water - itís how to make the water you shower and bathe in healthy
  • Some like to cook with gas stoves. Others canít tolerate gas in a home at all. Lean how to have a gas stove and keep your home healthy. Learn what to ask for to make sure your stove is installed properly so it doesnít harm you.
  • Ever wonder why it feels good to walk bare-foot on the grass? Many homes have wiring errors that lead to elevated magnetic fields in the home. Even the best electrician canít test their work when they are done. These simple tips and 15 minutes with me talking to your electrician can prevent expensive repairs and make the house feel like you are camping outdoors in terms of the reduction in exposure to electric fields from house wiring. Some people also report this helps them get a better nightís sleep.
  • More...
  Please call (505) 992-9904 to talk to Mr. Stih now.

Click here to request a fee schedule and CV

  *    Board-awarded by the American Council for Accredited Certification
**  Accredited by the Engineering Standards Board
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