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    Certified Mold Inspection, Testing and Detection  
     Our Process  
     Step 3: Air Quality Testing         (This should be the last step)  
  Many mold inspection and mold testing companies will quote you a price on the phone to test the air in your home for mold. How can they suggest air testing if they have not inspected your home first? Remember, if we see mold there is no point in testing the air for mold.  
  Fact: testing the air in a home for mold does not always detect hidden mold.
  That's why wall and ceiling cavity samples are so important.
  Consider this: If you test the air in your home and it says you have mold,
  you still need to do figure out where it is. (Back to wall testing).
  The purpose of air quality testing should be to verify you do not have mold. Air testing will work, but only if you take enough samples and the right kind. Most mold testing companies and home inspectors are only trained to perform one kind of air test. It's not a bad test. It's just often not enough.  

Spore Trap (method 1)

  Viable (method 2)
  There are two different types of air tests for mold. The first is called a spore trap; the second, viable (cultured air samples).  
  If you want to be sure you don't have mold in your house (enough to affect your health) you need to have both types of testing. We are one of only a few companies nationwide that have been trained how to do both types of testing and, more importantly, how to interpret the results.  
  Some mold inspectors are afraid to do too much testing because you may have mold but they can't tell you where it is. It's easier for them to tell you you don' have mold.
  We always find the mold.  
  Our Mold Report  
  Unlike some mold testing inspection companies that just hand you a lab report that says you have mold, we provide you with a written report that states:  
  • Where there is mold
  • Where there is not mold
  • What kinds of mold
  • How to remove the mold in a safe and effective manner
This is where we can save you literally thousands of dollars potentially.
Killing or treating mold does not remove mold. Yet most mold remediators will give you an estimate to “treat” or “kill" mold.
Lots of products claim to kill or remove mold. They don't work. In partnership with Los Alamos National Laboratories, we spent a year testing these products.
No, you can't just, "Spray it with bleach".
We tell you exactly what to do.
We tell you what to put in your contract with a mold remediator to protect you and your family and to make sure the mold remediation company removes the mold instead of treats it.
Many mold inspection and testing companies simply provide you with general guidelines for mold remediation. Often they tell you to follow the EPA guidelines. Some EPA guidelines are out-dated.
We give you specific recommendations on exactly what needs to be done, where, and how.
If this seems complex, don't worry. We can also provide you with a sample contract that you can attach as an addendum to the estimate you have with a mold remediation company.

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