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    Certified Mold Inspection, Testing and Detection  
     Our Process  
     Step 1: Inspect  

Mr. Stih has, as one realtor said, the “Nose that Knows”. We use moisture meters and a thermal imaging camera.  We collect surface samples from visible mold or areas that look like they may have mold.

  We do a complete inspection and investigation especially if you can't see mold. If you see mold we still do this step to investigate what caused the mold (the moisture) and the extent of it.  
  This helps us determine:  
  • Where to test for mold
  • What caused the mold to grow
  • The extent of the mold

      Thermal Camera Moisture Meter
  Here is an example of a plumbing leak inside a wall that you can't see without the thermal-imaging camera.  

Wall Leak Without Camera

  Wall Leak using Camera
  Here is an example of a roof leak that you would not have noticed without the thermal-imaging camera.  

Roof Leak Without Camera

  Roof Leak using Camera
  Surface Samples - Mold Testing  
  We bring a microscope. We have a mobile mold laboratory.  
  If we see mold, you don't need to send samples to a lab. We identify the mold while we are at your home or office. (If there are numerous samples or time does not permit, we take the mold samples back to the office for analysis).  
  Most mold inspection companies and home inspectors charge as much as $100 per test to send the samples they collect to a laboratory. We save you hundreds of dollars and speed up the process by analyzing the samples ourselves.  

Samples are analyzed by Daniel Stih. Mr. Stih studied at the McCrone Research Institute in Chicago and successfully completed the course,Indoor Air Quality: Fungal Spore Identification.

At our ofce, samples are analyzed using the Labophot-2 microscope.

  The Labophot-2 was calibrated by Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL) as part of a technical assistance program Healthy Living Spaces participated in.
  To identify the types of mold present, Healthy Living Spaces uses the reference standards obtained at the Mc Crone Institute and a set of standards analyzed for Healthy Living Spaces by Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL).  

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