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    Certified Mold Inspection, Testing and Detection  
     Our Process  
     The Next Steps . . . Supervising Mold Remediation  
This is highly recommended.
If requested we can meet with the mold remediation company at your home or office prior to them beginning work.

We will make sure:

  • They have the right equipment
  • Their equipment is working properly.
  • They know how to remove mold with out spraying bleach.
  • They won't be using chemicals or antimicrobials.


The use of anti-microbials is a scam. Mold remediation companies charge a lot of money to apply anti-microbials. Anti-microbials are not effective. The ICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide

"Who says mold can't grow in the Southwest"

  for Professional Mold Remediation (an ANSI standard) discourages their use.  
  Think about it. If a mold remediation company removes the mold, why do they need to apply an anti-microbial? They make extra money by charging you when they use them. They think using them makes it easier for them to pass the final mold test. It doesn't. Not if we do the post testing.  

Many times the mold remediators equipment is not operating correctly and they don't know it because they have never tested their equipment. Not ever.


We test and evaluate their equipment as they are setting up to work.


Most important - if you can only pay us for one hour, hire us at the beginning of the mold remediation job before the mold remediation company starts tearing things out. We can make sure the “containment” is set up properly so your house is not cross-contaminated with mold while workers are ripping out mold. Many containments are set up wrong. You would pay for them anyhow. Unless you have us check that they are set up correctly you may be paying for expensive ways of removing mold when in fact the mold remediator is doing work your general contractor could do cheaper.

Post Abatement Verification Testing

Click on Certificate (above) or Insurance Form (below)  to enlarge..

You want to have this done before you rebuild. We inspect and re-test.
This process documents that the mold was effectively removed. If there is still mold we immediately notify the remediator what additional work needs to done.
We write you a final written report that says the mold remediation was successful.
We can provide you with a Certificate that you can use in the future when you go to sell your house. We do such a through job of inspecting and testing that if we can't find any mold there isn't any.
We carry $1,000,000 in liability insurance. (see copy below)
We can name you as a holder on the insurance certificate.
Our reputation proceeds us. If you are buying a home and we say there's not mold, you can be confident there isn't any.
If you are buying a home and there was a mold inspection done by another company or the house had mold that was remediated, we can review the documentation and laboratory reports and give you our opinion as to weather things were done correctly and if you should consider having us re-test it.
Value Added

In addition to being a Certified Microbial Consultant (mold inspector) company, we are a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) company.

  You are pay us for our time. As long as we are at your home or office, if we smell or see something other than mold that could affect your health, time permitting we can investigate and test for that also. We do a lot of sick-building investigations, meaning for people feel worse when they are in the building than away from it while they have no idea why. We figure out why. Mold is not always the problem.  
  Every client gets a complimentary copy of the Amazon best-seller, Healthy Living Spaces: Top 10 Hazards Affecting Your Health.  

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