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   Toxic Mold Inspections  
  Got Mold?  
  Mold can grow as the result of plumbing leaks, roof leaks, water splashed behind kitchen or bathroom tile, and other sources of moisture. Musty odors and stains on walls and ceilings are indicators of a mold problem, but half of the time mold is hiding, often without an odor being present. Mold spores are allergenic and some species of mold may contain toxins that can make you sick. See our Library for additional information about mold

We have Certified Mold Inspectors on staff who can inspect and test for toxic black mold in your home or office building. Our mold investigators assess what types of mold may be present and the potential risk to occupants. Our Written report provides you with recommendations including proper and effective cleaning methods. Call now to set up an appointment.

Santa Fe (505) 992-9904  

Central & Northern New Mexico call toll free 877-992-9904 


Certified Mold Inspection and Detection

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  Healthy Living Spaces and our certified mold inspectors are associated with the following organizations:  

  EPA news link about our certified mold inspector Dan Stih helping people who think their home or office is making them sick.

  EPA certified AHERA School Building Inspector 

  Certified Microbial Consultant (CMC), Board-awarded by the American Council forAccredited Certification (ACAC)

  Healthy Living Spaces if referred by American Lung Association as a Mold Resource

  Certified Environmental Consultant by the International Institute for Bau (Building) Biologie and Ecology.

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Santa Fe (505)992-9904 

We serve all parts of New Mexico including Albuquerque, Taos, Los Alamos

Toll-free 877-992-9904   


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