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 Reducing Exposure
 to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
  We donít have to go back to living in a cave to have healthy, less-EMF environment indoors. Caves are not actually healthy to live in. While it is impossible or impractical to avoid electricity, it is desirable to have an electrically clean sleeping area and to minimize electric and magnetic fields in rooms where a lot of time is spent. During sleep, the body is repairing itself and you are supposed to wake up rejuvenated. This cannot happen if the body continues to be stressed through out the night by fields or by the changes in the levels of hormone caused by them. Exposure can be minimized with simple steps that do not cause a great inconvenience:
  • Use a battery operated alarm clock. Many sleeping disorders have been solved by replacing electric powered alarm clocks with battery powered ones.
  • Avoid placing the head of the bed against a wall on the other side of which is a major appliance; fuse box, TV or computer work station.
  • Remove as many electrical cords and devices from around the bed as possible. This includes the clock radio, lamps, stereo and phone. It is reported that many troubling conditions such as children wetting the bed at night, babies and children who wake frequently, adults who are insomniacs and people who wake up in the morning tired, are relieved of these symptoms when this is done12.
  • Try moving the location of the bed. Most walls have wiring in them which coincidentally happens to be at the height of your head when you are lying in bed. Some walls will more electric fields near them than others. You canít see electricity and without a meter you canít measure the level of electricity preset. If you have sleeping problems, just move the bed to another location or sleep in a different room for a week and see if you feel a difference.
  • Do not use electric blankets, especially older electric blankets. If you use an electric blanket put it on a timer to go off after you fall asleep. The older style electric blankets may still have an electric field even when the timer turns them off. They must be unplugged.
  • Avoid having mirrors behind the bed. Mirrors have a metal backing which acts like antennae and picks up electric fields from nearby wiring in walls, lamps and electric cords around the bed.
  • Keep your distance. In general, the strength of EMF decreases with the distance from the source. An electric space heater for example, will produce a large magnetic field near it. But if you are about three feet away from it you are probably safe. Six feet is ideal.
  • One way to prevent stray electricity and ensure you donít have wiring errors is to install Ground Fault Interrupters (GFIs) on all the circuits in a home. These are typically already installed in bathrooms and garages per the building code. They will trip if there electric current is leaking or there are wiring errors.
  • The ultimate way to avoid EMF and possibly get a good night sleep may be to shut off the power to the bedroom at night. This may seem kind of radical but itís the quickest and surest way to tell how EMF may be affecting your sleep. You have to make sure that any power going above or below the bedroom to different floors and neighboring rooms is also shut off.
  • Avoid having a wire-less router for Wi-Fi in the bedroom. This is different kind of radiation than that produced by household wiring that also affects you biologically. Put the Wi-Fi transmitter on a timer to go off at night and turn back on during the day.
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