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 Red Flags that there is a Mold Problem
  Musty odors and visible water damage stains are probably the best indicators there may be a mold problem indoors. Mold may also be present without a musty odor if things dried up some time ago. Studies show that mold is hiding about 50% of the time3. Your home or office may not have any visible sings of moisture damage or a known history of moisture problems yet there may be hidden mold.  
  How do you feel? Only about 10% of people may be allergic to mold4. Due to variances in personal sensitivities, on average only about 10% of the occupants in a building may experience health symptoms when there is a mold problem present. Following this logic, if only one or two people complain, there may potentially be a mold or another type of air quality problem indoors. This is especially true if symptoms get worse while the occupants are in the building and get better when they are away. If everyone in the building is complaining it may not be mold. Not everyone is allergic to mold. When you can't see mold but have health symptoms that are associated with mold or there are musty odors present, it is prudent to have a professional do an investigation for mold and other factors that may affect indoor air quality.  
  Red Flags of a Mold Problem  
  • Musty odors. Trust your nose!
  • There is a damp feeling to a room
  • Stains on walls or ceilings
  • A history of plumbing leaks, sewer backups, roof leaks or flooding
  • Rusty carpet tack strips under carpeting. Pull back the edge of carpeting and look.
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