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 Preventing Mold Growth
  If you want to prevent mold growth prevent things from getting wet. Itís that simple. Mold canít grow without water. Do not attempt to prevent mold growth by using chemicals. There is no single pesticide, anti-microbial, or fungicide that is effective at killing or preventing all types of mold. The only way to prevent mold growth is to prevent things from getting wet and to make sure things dry out quickly if they do get wet.  
  In addition to water, it takes time to grow mold. The clock starts ticking as soon as things get wet. You have between 24-72 hours on average to dry things out before mold can take over.  
  Top 10 Tips for Preventing Mold Growth  
  • Check for leaks around toilets and under kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • Repair cracks in shower and tub grout around and missing caulk behind kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • Check around hot water heaters and behind wash machines for leaks.
  • Adequately ventilate attics and crawl spaces.
  • Maintain the roof and around doors and windows to keep water out.
  • Identify why condensation is occurring on windows and skylights and correct it.
  •  Use exhaust fans vented to the outdoors in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.
  • Prevent sprinklers from watering the side of the building.
  • Keep indoor humidity below 50%.
  • When remodeling install bathroom sinks without cabinets.
  Because Murphyís Law states that no matter how hard you try to waterproof something itís going to get wet, always build with a way for things to dry out if they get wet.  If there is a roof leak or sudden flood, thoroughly clean and dry carpet and building materials within 48 hours or consider replacing them. If you have a flood, do not try and dry things out yourself. You may feel a sense of accomplishment breaking a sweat using towels and mops to dry things out. But you donít have the right equipment to dry things out fast enough. Look in the phone book under Water Restoration. Insurance companies usually pay this. Donít wait to get authorization.  
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