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 What Won't Prevent Mold Growth - Ozone
  Ozone is useless for preventing mold and is harmful to your health. Studies have shown that ozone cannot be generated in sufficient concentrations to kill or even suppress microbials on most surfaces and that ozone is not an effective biocide4.  A lot of people have ozone generating air purifiers, some without knowing it. These people are not just getting ripped off because the units donít remove mold Ė they may be physically harming themselves. Ozone is a respiratory irritant and has been found to cause lung scarring in laboratory rats. Repeated exposure can permanently scar lung tissue5. It can worsen bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma. Exposure to ozone may make one as much as three times more susceptible to other allergens6.  
  Some people still swear they feel better with an ozone type air purifier running in their home. As these machines do little to remove small particles such as molds and pollens, it is likely that the ozone is reacting with their body. Ozone diminishes the sense of smell.  
  There are applications where ozone is effective. Ozone has been shown to be effective in smoke damage to alleviate odors. The amount of ozone required is hazardous and the building must be vacated while the ozone machines are running. It is not always completely effective. Ozone only reacts with what is at the surface. Odors may migrate to the surface at a later date causing the smoke odors to come back. Ozone may adversely react with and cause damage to many types of artifacts in a home including rubber and synthetic furniture.7 You should remove as many of these from the home as possible before attempting to use ozone.  
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