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 Myths on How to Prevent Mold
  Itís an old wise tale that light, heat, and ventilation will prevent mold growth. Preventing moisture prevents mold growth. Light, heat and ventilation aid in reducing moisture. If the moisture problem is not corrected mold will grow regardless of how much light, warmth and ventilation are present. Mold likes to be warm. Adding heat to an existing mold problem will make mold grow faster. Using a fan to dry things out when mold growth is already present will spread mold spores around.  
  Heat accelerates mold growth.  
  Mold likes to be warm. Notice how much longer it takes for a piece of fruit to become moldy in the refrigerator than if left out in warmer environments. Mold can survive in extreme temperatures. Spores can germinate between 32 and 120F.You donít prevent mold growth with heat. To prevent mold growth, you need to prevent condensation and moisture. Condensation occurs when warm, humid air, contacts a cold surface, like water condensing on a cold glass of iced tea on a hot summer day. To prevent condensation reduce indoor humidity. You can also insulate the walls so there are no cold spots and get windows that are double or triple-paned. The gap between the glass in double paned windows is typically filled with a gas that helps insulate. Many leak and after some time and fail to prevent condensation.  
  Mold Likes Day Light  
  Mold just doesnít just grow in the dark. Mold grows in day light. Look at a piece of moldy fruit on the kitchen table. Mold can survive direct sunlight. Mold spores have melatin in their pigment to protect against UV (ultra-violet) sunlight. Many fungi are stimulated to produce spores when exposed to sunlight. The reason mold is not normally found growing in direct sunlight is because these places are usually dry. The myth that mold preferentially grow in dark environments has arisen because dark environments are often also damp2.  
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