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 Molds' Purpose
  Mold, outside the context of it being present in your home is large amounts, serves a very useful purpose. Mold are the garbage men of the universe. Without mold garbage and debris would be piled up high. Molds are essential decomposers. Mold spores are present in nature and in indoor air in seasonal quantities. While sensitive individuals can have allergies at any time, mold indoors only becomes a problem when there is sufficient moisture present for spores to thrive and multiply.  
  Mold is used in making medicines. Penicillium is used to fight bacteria. Cyclosporin, a metabolite of mold is used to treat leukemia. Aspergillus Niger is used to make citric acid that gives soft drinks a fizz. Bread, wine and cheese are made using yeast and molds.  
  Mold has a history of being used as biological weapons. Aspergillus flavus produces the mycotoxin, aflatoxin B, a potent carcinogen. This seems like more of a scare tactic than a viable weapon though. There is a lag time between exposure and death and difficulty in delivering spores that survive impact.  
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