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 Mold - What You Should Know
  Water it and it will grow!  
  Mold growth can occur in 48 hours. If things get wet dry them out as quickly as possible. Do not use fans if there is already mold present. Look in the yellow pages under Water Damage Restoration. Your insurance may pay for this. Don’t wait for them to call you back. Time is of the essence!  
  If you have mold, do not disturb it.  
  The Biggest Myth: Bleach kills mold. Bleach is not effective.  
  Killing mold is not the answer. Allergens and potentially toxigenic particles are not eliminated with the death of organisms. Cleaning is required. Porous materials such as drywall and plaster typically can not be cleaned and will need to be removed. Cleaning consists of vacuuming with HEPA vacuums (not shop vacs and not your garden variety home vacuum) and damp-wiping using plain soap and water. This is all done in a manner that captures the dust generated during these activities and prevents it from dispersing through the building. Special negative air machines and plastic sheeting are required to do this.  

How to Select a Mold Inspector

  Three Important Questions to Ask a Mold Consulting Company BEFORE Hiring.  
  Are you certified? By what authority?  
  An experiences  professional should hold the CMC (Certified Microbial Consultant), CIEC (Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant) or equivalent certifications from the American Indoor Air Quality Council (800) 942-0832, www.iaqcouncil.org.  
  These board-awarded certifications are the “mold inspector” certifications accredited by the Council for Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB), the same prestigious body that also accredits the Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).  
  Do you send your samples to an independent laboratory that is accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association and in compliance with ISO 17025 Standard for performing microscopic analysis of fungi?  
  Ask what lab they use. Call the lab and verify that it is accredited. Check the AIHA’s website for a list: http://apps.aiha.org/QualityManager/scopes/ScopeReport.aspx?ProgramID=16  
  Are you insured? For “mold”?  
  Inspectors should carry $1 Million of general liability and E & O insurance that includes “mold”.  
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