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 Mold - Interim Relief
  If itís going to be a while before you can clean up the mold here are some things you can do to contain the mold and protect your health:  
  • Do not run the air conditioner or forced-air heater. It may spread mold from areas of contamination to areas where there is none.
  • If it is a small area, carefully cover the visible mold with plastic. Cut up a trash bag and secure it over the mold with duck-tape being very careful to not disturb the mold.
  • Use a HEPA room air purifier. Filter air cleaners, even 90% efficient filters, have shown promise as a supplemental control measure.1. Ozone air purifiers and filter-less type air purifiers do not help. These are discussed in detail in other chapters. Donít bother with these. You must use a HEPA type air purifier.
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