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 Mold Clean-Up: Can You Do It Yourself?
  As with any activity there is a learning curve. You usually donít get everything right the first time around. Removing mold from your home or office may be a job better left for a professional. There are techniques to remove mold while minimizing the spreading of mold spores and protecting yourself and workers. If these techniques are not followed it is possible to spread mold to other areas of a building. This may or may not be a huge issue depending on the amount of mold present and the sensitivities of the occupants. Sometimes all the precautions involved seem to be over-kill. At other times, careless work has resulted in the occupants forever being affected by allergies due to small levels of mold spores that were distributed throughout the house.  
  Trillions of unseen mold spores may be aerosolized during mold removal. If methods to contain the dust are not used, mold spores may settle in the dust throughout the building. Cleaning them up afterwards might be like trying to clean up saw dust if you were to take a power sander to some wood furniture in the living room without any way to contain the dust.  
  You might want to consider cleaning up a mold yourself only if the following are true:  
  • A small amount of visible mold growth is present. Less than one square foot.
  • The growth is on a hard surface such as wood, block or glass
  • You know for a fact that there is not hidden mold inside wall, ceiling or floor cavities
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