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 Types of Homes Prone to Mold Growth
  Every building in existence is susceptible to mold growth. Its molds job to bio-degrade stuff. Un-maintained or faulty constructed buildings can become big compost piles growing mold if building materials get wet and donít dry out.  
  A big factor influencing mold growth is ventilation and construction techniques that provide a way for things to dry out when they get wet.  Many buildings built today are constructed air-tight. While this may reduce heating and cooling costs it increases the chances that mold growth will occur. Itís Murphyís Law that no matter how carefully you build, water will find its way in and things will get wet. Therefore you want to build in a way that allows the walls to dry out if they get wet from exterior moisture. The mechanics for this are different depending on the type of construction and geographic location. To think of how to build to allow for drying, look at a drawing of the exterior wall construction. Now think like you are a water molecule that has somehow ended up inside the wall cavity. How will you get out?  
  Building a home perfectly does not ensure you will never have a mold problem. Many wonder why there are mold problems in the desert. The answer is that nearly every modern home has indoor plumbing. Your home has an abundant availability of water. No house is sterile. Add water and you get mold growth. Plumbing leaks are responsible for a large percentage of mold problems. Mold can also grow from water splashing in bathrooms and kitchens that finds its way into interior walls through cracks in tile grout and missing caulk. To prevent mold growth, simply maintain your home. Check for leaks and slow drips. Maintain grout and caulking in bathrooms and kitchens. Repair problems as soon as they are noticed.  
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