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 Dry Rot and Lumber Yard Mold
  Contrary to popular belief, dry rot is mold growth and is caused by dampness. Dry rot molds have vines which transport moisture to dry places. The vines may affect wood a large distance away from where the moisture is present. Dry rot is slow growing and often found in damp crawlspaces and under porches and steps. The best prevention is to avoid wood-to-earth contact. Dry rot is often mistake of termite damage. When trying to assess if something is dry rot or termite damage look for evidence of insects and mud tubes.  
  If you go into any crawlspace or attic you can usually find some spots of mold growth either on the plywood roof sheeting in an attic or the sub floor in a crawlspace. There is a great deal of debate regarding the idea that this is normal and due to what is called lumber yard mold.  
  Technically there is a type of mold that is naturally present of lumber. It is transmitted by inspects, consumes the tree sap and is called “blue stain”. It is slow growing and does not increase in size over a number of years. It only consumes the sap, not the wood cellulose so it’s not structurally a problem. It’s only superficial and cosmetic on the surface.  
  This should not be confused with black mold and other types of mold. Cladosporium is often isolated on plywood in attics and crawlspaces from lumber that may now be dry but was damp during construction. Cladosporium is not lumber yard mold. While the amount of Cladosporium on the wood in these places may not present a hazard in terms of contaminating the air in the living space, it doesn’t belong there. If lumber arrives on site and does not get wet during construction there should be no mold growth.  
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