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 Cutting Holes in Walls
  Mold can be hidden in the walls. You can test the air for mold and not find any. That doesnít mean thereís no mold. How do you know if mold is in the walls and if so which walls? Itís risky to cut holes in walls to look for mold. Besides making a mess, cutting holes allows mold spores to get from inside walls into the air of the living space. Cutting holes is also misleading. You may not see mold where you drilled the hole but it might be six inches or several feet to the side of the hole drilled.  
  A better way to assess for the presence of hidden mold is with the Wall-checkô. This is a way of taking an air sample of the wall cavity by drilling a small hole and inserting a tube into the wall that connects to the sampling pump.  
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