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 Cockroaches and Termites

Alternative Pest Control Methods


Cockroach droppings may be a primary trigger of asthma symptoms, especially for children living in densely populated, urban neighborhoods24. To reduce asthma symptoms, it is important to eliminate cockroaches. Cockroaches love damp and dirty places, especially those where thereís a source of food. Cleanliness and eliminating damp conditions is crucial.

Preventing Cock Roaches

  • Fix dripping faucets and leaky plumbing.

  • Take out the trash, wash the dishes, and clean up in the kitchen around the stove.

  • Keep garbage, wood piles and other debris away from the house.

  • Let the cockroaches go thirsty and hungry- they will find someone elseís house to live in.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

If you still have a roach problem try the boric acid recipe listed above for ants but keep it away from areas children play and pets may eat it. It is particularly useful under the stove and refrigerator. You can also buy roach traps. Most of these are toxic and should not be used as a substitute for eliminating conditions that attract roaches.


Termites eat wood and cause structural damage. New homes can be designed so that pesticide application for termites is not necessary. Methods for preventing termite infestation include the use of metal and sand barriers. For treating existing termite infestations consider freezing, heating and other new treatments. The Bio-integral Resource Center in Berkeley, California has an entire publication dedicated to this subject, Least-Toxic Pest Management for Termites. They can be reached at (505) 524-2567.


The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) has a large on-line library of fact sheets on non-toxic & natural alternatives to pesticides. http://www.pesticides.org. Consider supporting them by becoming a member. NCAP publishes a quarterly newsletter free for members and a monthly newsletter by e-mail with tips.

The Bio-Integrated Resource Center, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) specialists. http://www.birc.org. (505) 524-2567.

Dr. Moses' Pesticide Education Center. http://www.pesticides.org. (415) 665-4722. Dr. Marion Moses, is a physician specializing in occupational and environmental medicine with years of experience investigating and diagnosing pesticide-related illnesses. Dr. Marionís book, Designer.

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