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 Cleaning Up Mold

How Bad Is It?

  The first thing to consider when cleaning up mold is the size of the mold contamination. There is going to be a different approach to cleaning mildew off your bathroom shower than removing mold growing inside walls.  
  Several years ago the New York City Health Department came out with guidelines for quantifying levels of mold and what level of training was required to clean up mold. According to these guidelines, if there is less than ten square feet of visible mold regular maintenance staff can do the clean up. If there is greater than ten square feet of mold then a professional is required. The EPA has since adopted this guideline as well.  
  The health department had good intentions. Itís not practical to spend thousands of dollars hiring a professional to clean up small amounts of mold. A little mildew on a window sill from condensation may just be wiped off. Unfortunately, these guidelines do not address the potential for large amounts of hidden mold. When you see a few square inches of mold on a wall there may be several square feet or more hidden inside the wall.  
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