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  Six Indispensable Books For Healthy Living
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Tired of being sick but you don't know why?
We have the resources and experience to investigate, detect
and solve your problems relating to the following...



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Healthy Living Spaces inspects residential and commercial buildings to identify building-related sources responsible for complaints and illness, including but not limited to mold.


  Building or Remodeling?
If you want your home to be healthy, you need this book.
How to Build A Healthy Home  

How to Build
a Healthy Home

And Prevent the Negative Impacts on Your Health That Can Result from Poorly Executed Green Building Initiatives

Green does not mean healthy. Lack of ventilation, air-tight construction, mold and EMFs are just a few things to consider when building or buying a new home.
If you want to be green and make your house healthy, get Dan's new book, How to Build a Healthy Home And Prevent the Negative Impacts on Your Health That Can Result from Poorly Executed Green Building Initiatives.
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EMF Testing  
EMF Radiation
Testing and measurements of exposure to EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) EMF Meter 
including electric, magnetic, and high-frequency sources such as power lines, house wiring, cell phone towers, radio, TV and miscellaneous wireless technologies. 

Recommendations on how to reduce fields*. 
*Including Governmental, Commercial and Residential.  
  Radiation Spectrum   
VOC Testing
Volatile Organic Compounds in Your Home or Business (VOCs)

Air testing, investigations and help with solutions to complaints related to chemical odors (VOCs)
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a large group of chemicals that are found in many products used to build and maintain our homes and businesses. Once these chemicals are in our homes or businesses, they are released or ?off-gas? into the indoor air we breathe. They may or may not be able to be smelled, and smelling is not a good indicator of health risk.

If you suspect VOCs,
click here to schedule an investigation.
 A study to evaluate if products used to kill mold or remove mold stains are effective and if using these products effects the accuracy of testing for residual mold using surface samples (tape-lifts). 



"Healthy Living  Spaces"

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Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services

 Mold Inspection, Testing Info  
 Litigation Support / Expert Witness Testimony  
 Consulting for Healthy Building Construction  
 Visit our Extensive Reference Library  
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Certified Mold Identification and Testing


Learn More about our Mold Testing Services

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