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Spa - Natural Mineral Purifier

                                            by Lifeguard Purification Systems Inc.
The amazing Mineralizer will purify your spa without dangerous chlorine!  You can now have safe healthy water without the burning, smelly, itchy and bleaching effects that chlorine produces.  This safe and affordable ionizer will provid a cleaner and more enjoyable experience for you and your spa guests.  The small efficient unit installs in just about 30 minutes.  See below for more information or to order yours today.
  What Is  a MINERALIZER  Ionic Generator?
    Lifeguard Purification Systems, Inc. has adapted NASA technology to.bring you the safest, healthiest, most cost effective way to purify your pool.
  How Does It Work?
    Safe variable low voltage DC current is conducted into the chamber and electrolysis takes place. Positively charged ions of copper and silver are released; copper is a natural toxin to algae and silver to bacteria.
The water is purified naturally by minerals with none of the nasty side effects of chlorine. The water has a refreshingly clean and natural smell, soft to the touch, a glistening look, and a sweet smooth mountain stream like taste. If you enjoy swimming, you'll love the MINERALIZER!
  How Does Chlorine Purification  Differ From Copper/Silver Ion Purification?
    Chlorine  oxidizes (burns up) organic compound like algae, viruses, and bacteria (your eyes, hair, skin, etc.). Copper/Silver ions, on the other hand, are toxins which poison and kill organic contaminants while having no effect on the human body. Cu/Ag ions are pH neutral and non-corrosive.
  What's so Bad About Chlorinated  Water?
    While bathing in chlorinated water, humans can absorb up to 8 times more chlorine tham drinking it. Chloramines are organic contaminant chlorine compounds commonly found in pools and spas. Chloramines are a known carcinogen and chlorine itself has been attributed to arteriosclerosis, cancer and kidney problems. Chlorine has been hugely beneficial to mankind, but today there are ways, like the MINERALIZER, to eliminate most chlorine exposure by the end user. A recent American Dental Association report even found that active swimmers developed brown stains on their teeth from chlorine compounds.
  How Much Can I Save?
    Since copper/silver ions do not oxidize (burn-up) sweat, hair oil, etc., a very low dosage of chlorine, bleach, bromine, or non-chlorine granular shock is needed occasionally. Most residential pools reduce chemical costs 90% - 95%. Electrical consumption equates to a small light bulb.
  Mineralizer by Life Purification Systems:   $289.00 ea.
  30 Day Unconditional Guarantee ...
    All LIFEGUARD products have ALWAYS carried an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee for the performance and quality of the product.
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