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    Certified Mold Inspection, Testing and Detection  
     Our Process  
     The Next Steps . . . Continued  
  Tips on Preventing Mold  
  We put information like this in our reports:  
  # 1 - For walls: in places that might get wet (under windows, bathrooms, behind the kitchen sink), use DensArmor Interior Wallboard (berglass backed gypsum board) or DensGlass Sheathing. If it was not for paper we wouldn't have so many mold problems. That's what's on both sides of regular drywall.  
  #2 - For at roofs: consider a T.P.O. (Thermoplastic Polyolen) PVC-like membrane. It comes in a roll and the seams are heat sealed. When the seams are heated they melt together. Lap it up the sides of the parapets and it's like a swimming pool liner.  

  • $189 for the first hour
  • $90 each for additional hour
  • + Applicable lab fees.
    (Laboratory fees are $100 per sample for air and wall cavity samples.)
  The average residential inspection takes between 1.5 - 2 hours on site.
And requires 1 - 1.5 hours for the written report.
  How many lab samples do you need?  
  If you see mold you don't need any laboratory samples.  
  If there is a wall or ceiling with water damage and you want to check it for mold you need one (1) sample per wall or ceiling.  
  If there are many walls or different ceilings affected, it's not uncommon for a client to have us only test one or a few. The logic is that if the results come back with mold, there is no sense testing all the locations. As an option, we can collect samples from different areas, send them all to the laboratory and have the lab analyze only one or a few of the samples, holding the rest until we get the initial results.  
  If we do air quality testing you need a minimum of three (3) air samples; six (6) if youwant to use both testing methods.  
  Six air samples is highly recommended for those who are sick, not feeling well, or buying a home. Six air samples are highly recommended when mold is not visible and you really want to be certain there is no hidden mold, at least not to the extent that mold could be affecting your health.  
  Dan Sith, Healthy Living Spaces, is the Chapter Director for the Santa Fe, New Mexico Chapter, the only IAQA chapter in New Mexico.  
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