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Offices in Santa Fe, NM and San Diego, CA

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Tired of being sick but you don't know why?
We investigate and solve problems related to the following...



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 A study to evaluate if products used to kill mold or remove mold stains are effective and if using these products effects the accuracy of testing for residual mold using surface samples (tape-lifts). 



"Healthy Living  Spaces"

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Dan Stih, through his extensive experience and research, is now also offering these specialized services:

 Mold Inspection, Testing Info  
 Litigation Support / Expert Witness Testimony  
 Consulting for Healthy Building Construction  
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 Stay Green 
Mold Removal
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 Colorado Flood Victims . . . 
 We at Healthy Living Spaces offer our condolences to those effected by the recent flooding.  While water can cause mold to grow, that's not always the case.  There are other variables.
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Home-environment expert unsure about Wi-Fi impact


Tom Sharpe | The New Mexican
Posted: Tuesday, March 09, 2010 - 3/10/10  
In more than a decade of testing buildings for mold, chemicals, pollutants and electromagnetic fields, Daniel Stih of Santa Fe says he's never encountered a hypochondriac.
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  ● EMF Testing ● Measurement of cell phone towers
● Health and Safety Compliance ● Mitigation specs for reducing exposure

Contact Dan if you require any of the above testing procedures.

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 IQAir Takes Air Cleaning to the Highest Level  
Looking for ways to control your ALLERGIES?
The IQAir was selected as the sole air cleaner for the world’s most comprehensive Clinical Asthma Trial, has been rated the most effective air cleaner for allergy suffers by the Consumer Test Rating. The IQAir Health Pro Plus was chosen as a Consumer Digest Best Buy. Consumer Digest found the Health Pro Plus to be “ideal for allergy suffers” and praised its ability to clean air in large spaces. Used in hospitals to control the SARS virus, the Health Pro Plus can control nearly 100% of all allergens in your home or office.
Your home or office can be a serious health issue.  The EPA rates polluted houses and offices as on of the top five risks to health.  Indoor pollution can be 6 to 10 times higher than outdoors.  Most people are indoors 90% of the time.

Mold is not the only concern.  Dust, bacteria, pet dander, fiberglass, dust mites, wood smoke, formaldehyde from paint and synthetic building materials contribute to air that is unhealthy to breath.  Long term exposure compromises the immune system and makes one more susceptible to disease.  Educate yourself by visiting our on-line library.

Healthy Living Spaces is an authorized dealer for IQ Air Products.  These products offer the solution to indoor air pollution problems detailed above.



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